Tattoo Healing Instructions:

Remove the bandage after 2 hours.  Wash your tattoo with clean hands and antibacterial soap. Rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.  Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor as needed when your tattoo feels dry, tight, or itchy.  A few times a day is usually enough.  Do not re-bandage, your tattoo needs to breathe.  Your tattoo will flake and peel until healed.  Do not pick or scratch.  Do not submerge in water (baths, hot tubs, pools) until fully healed. Average healing time is 7-10 days but some people may take longer to heal. When your tattoo is healed, use a sunblock with an SPF of 50 or higher every time you are in the sun to protect your investment. 

Hands and feet are the hardest areas to heal and require extra care and attention when healing. These areas may require additional touch ups when healed at the expense of the client.